Translation grant for theatres (2020/4)

The Petőfi Literary Fund announces a call for cooperation for foreign language theatres to support the translation of Hungarian plays for production abroad.

Theatres may submit applications for support for the translation of plays that haven't been published or staged in the target language yet.

If the Petőfi Literary Fund decides to provide support for an application, the Fund offers a cooperation agreement. According to the terms of this agreement, the partner pays the costs of translation to the translator. The amount which the Petőfi Literary Fund has awarded to defray this cost will be transferred to the partner as soon as the partner and the translator have confirmed that the translator has already received his/her fee and the partner has sent a pre-agreed number of copies of the theatre’s brochures and/or posters to the Fund.

The logo of the Petőfi Literary Fund should be printed on the poster and in the theatre’s brochure.  

There is no final application deadline for submissions. Submissions can be made at any time, and decisions concerning applications will be made on a monthly basis. 

The decision concerning cooperation will be made at the end of the month following the month in which a submission is made.

Required documentation:

  • Completed Application form;
  • Translator’s CV;
  • Brief presentation of the project and exploitation of the importance of the production of the play abroad;
  • Copy of contract with owner of the rights to the play;
  • Copy of contract with the translator.

Application address: (the object of the e-mail has to be the title of the call)

Information: Mária Hajba –

Application form - theatres