Grants for Translation Support for Foreign Theaters

Grants for Translation Support for Foreign Theaters

The Petőfi Literary Fund Nonprofit Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as “PLF”) invites submissions for the “Grants for Translation Support for Foreign Theaters.” This call for submissions is announced to theaters which are performing Hungarian plays in translation. The intention is to familiarize international audiences with works written in Hungarian.

1.  Target group

We invite applications from theaters, theater companies, and other performance sites outside of Hungary or in Hungary working on productions of Hungarian works for the stage in translation.

2.   Expectations for applicants

For this grant, applications can be submitted for a translation of a work for the stage written in Hungarian. 

The applicant undertakes to have the work translated and performed on stage. The applicant also undertakes to include in the printed materials for the production (placards, programs, and other printed materials) the logo of the PLF and a one-sentence statement in Hungarian and in the language in which the work is being performed to the effect that the publication of the volume has been made possible with the support of the PFL.

One applicant can submit an application for a maximum of two translations or for the royalties and translation of one play.

3.   Amount available under the call for proposal

Maximum amount per application: gross 600 000 HUF.

PLF will conclude a cooperation agreement for the projects that have been awarded grants.

The award is provided after performance of the work or works in question, i.e. the applicant must undertake to pay in advance the costs (including the translator’s fee) necessary for the production of the work or works.

The applicant will confirm the performance of the work or works by sending printed materials accompanying the production and photographic documentation of the production to the PLF.

4.   Framework of the call for applications

Available budget: gross 10 000 000 HUF.

The deadline for applications is 30 September 2021.

Please note that applications submitted after the deadline will be automatically excluded from the evaluation process. Applicants may submit any missing materials specified in a notice concerning missing materials up to but not after the deadline.

Notification of the decisions concerning the applications: 30 October 2021.

The deadline for performance of the selected work or works and submission of the statement of accounts is 30 November 2022

The PLF reserves the right to make changes to the dates above before these dates have been reached in particularly justified cases and will publish a separate notice concerning any such changes.

5.   Formal application requirements, documents

Documents required for submission of an application in English or Hungarian:

  • Application form (attachment 1 - signed, scanned, PDF format);
  • Short introduction of the theater or theater company submitted in PDF format;
  • The translator’s curriculum vitae and list of publications submitted in PDF format;
  • A short presentation of the work to be translated explaining the importance of translation and performance in the country in which the work or works will be performed.

Applications for the grants presented in this call for submissions must be sent exclusively by e-mail, accompanied by the documents specified above, to the following e-mail address: (please indicate the title of the application in the subject line).

For further inquiries and information in email contact Mária Hajba:

6.   Evaluation and assessment of applications

All applications will be assessed at the same time after the deadline for submission.

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of specialists appointed by the PLF, and the committee will make recommendations concerning the decisions regarding the available grants. On the basis of the recommendations of the committee, the decision will be made by the Director General of the PLF.

The committee of specialists will take the following criteria into consideration when making its recommendations:

  • Whether the work is of significant merit in its field and thus is worth producing and performing in translation;
  • Whether the budget plan has been made with accurate consideration of market prices;
  • The qualifications and achievements of the translator who has been chosen for the project;
  • Critical assessment of the work which has been proposed for translation and its author’s critical reception and place in Hungary, on the international stage, and in the target-language culture.

The PLF will conclude cooperation contracts with applicants who have been awarded grants.

7.   Attachment: application form 


Application form - theatres